Mass ~ matter

Matter is formed by "E" energy and "µ" the gravitational energy.

E and µ are the result of the action on each other of "light and gravity" C^2 and G.

such as infinite / infinite = 1 , where 1 is the bounded result of the action of 2 unbounded quantities.

Thus matter is the bounded result of two infinities " light and gravitation" .


For our earth

Two formulas .       E = M * C^2 = 5.36753345E+35

                                           µ = M * G = 3.9860044E+14

                                          together they form matter


E and µ relate like C^2 and G

E / µ = 1.34659495E+21 matter .  if this ratio changes matter no longer belongs in our system.

C^2 / G = 1.34659495E+21

So the matter will always be in a place where their ratio is right C^2 / G

For our system (Earth) the matter must be in the system where the speed of light

  = E(earth) / M (earth) = 5.3675335E+35 / 5.972186E+24 = 8.98755E+10 = 299792.458 km/s


The gravitational acceleration µ is also used to calculate the fall velocity, which decreases with distance ^2

For the earth the radius r = 6378.1366 km

Falling acceleration = 9.7982867 m/s

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