C^2 / G 1.34659495666472E+021
C km/s 299792.458

C meter/sec 299792458

C^2 km/s^2 89875517873.6818

G 6,67428E-11

constant PLANCK h 6.62606957E-33

C^2 ( light ) is the law that wants to create space and G is the reaction to it to not allow space to exist,

if C^2 ( light ) does not exist then there is no more G either,

This can be compared to a ball ( light ) on a surface of water ,

the ball causes a downward force on the water ,

causing the water to have an upward reaction to the ball,

if the ball is not there then there is no more upward reaction,

G is created by the action of light, the upward reaction is similar to G ,

the downward force can be compared to the light energy E.


Now we look at a photon ( particle of light ) that of course has the speed of light

( the highest possible speed in a given dimension ) ,

At the speed of light we measure 299792.458 km/s the photon has a small particle of matter , ( it is known

that light has a little influence of gravity , and attraction is mutual

attraction of matter , so a photon possesses matter in our dimension).

Of course ! once again the formula

m = E / C^2 the formula says it yourself , a photon possesses E energy ( if one divides the E energy by the

speed of light ^2       299792.458^2     then the result is equal to the m matter of the photon ).

There is no getting away from that , I completely follow the great master Einstein here.

Again I return to my view that the speed of light we measure ( the highest speed

possible in one dimension ! ) depends on the medium it is in.

And the formula also tells me ( and from this I draw the strength to maintain my theory )

That the photon no longer has matter when the speed of light is infinite !

m = E / C^2 = E / infinity = 0

There is then only E energy ! There is then no more gravitation because now the matter in the photon = 0, .

gravitation µ = m * G      µ = 0 * G = 0 the gravitation = 0 because there is no more matter.

The frequency = 0, the wavelength is infinite because C^2 = infinite.

Here it is that time is stationary. Light is the same instant everywhere . After all, there are no

two moments because time is stationary.

In addition to speed , the photon also has a frequency , it depends on matter and speed .

In our dimension the speed of light is not infinite (299792.458 km/s) but lower , matter is greater ,

the frequency is higher , the gravitation is greater , time goes faster .

The larger the gravitational field the lower the speed of light (is at that place the highest possible

speed ) , the larger the matter , the higher the frequency , the greater the gravitation , the faster time .

So very deep inside a black hole the speed of light will be almost 0 , ( all motion falls silent to our eye )

but time goes almost infinitely fast . distances e.g. 1 meter are infinitely large there .

the E is now almost 100% matter .

In the eye of a black hole , the ultimate speed of light = 0 , time does not exist there .

You could say that time goes so fast that it cannot exist .

You could also say , everything stands still , but there is nothing to stand still .

From the inside out  ,  the matter in a photon reduces , increases the speed

slows down time.

The red and blue shift of wavelengths is not only due to

different speeds relative to each other but also the different speeds of time

( Dimensions ) play a role here.

Our DIM has a value of C^2 / G = 1.346594E+21 ( is a measure of the speed

of time ) .

At a different speed of light and a different G the value of the dimension is different

and comparatively time will move faster or slower.

This also causes the wavelengths to shift.

The redshift, in my opinion, does not give an accurate value for the velocity of

an object outside our dimension.

Within our dimension it does as long as the speed of time

is the same , as long as we measure the same speed of light .

Light is the only reason for the existence of the universe.
In a pure light dimension there is no action of gravitation.
So there is no matter , the photon that is here has no matter.
DIM = infinity = C^2 / G = infinity / G
But from the action of gravitation the speed is no longer
infinite , and the photon has matter on board.
DIM is no longer infinite , the smaller C^2 is the smaller the DIM value
and the faster time passes.
From here the speed is no longer infinite and we find a value.
C^2 = E / m
From here, time is no longer infinite and we find for the speed of light
a value.


The theory with numbers

Let's compare a photon in two different dimensions .

in our dimension 1.346594956664720E+21 the speed of light = 299792.458 km/s

The photon has an energy = 2.179865149607E-18 .

The wavelength = 91.126998549768600 nm

Hertz = E photon / h           = 2.179865149607E-18 / 6.626069570000000E-33

= 3,289831364700000E+14

m photon = E photon / C^2           = 2.179865149607E-18 / 8.987551787368180E+10

= 2,425427080899590E-29

G = 6.674280000000000E-11

µ = m * G          = 2.425427080899590E-29 * 6.674280000000000E-11

= 1,618797945750650E-39

DIM = C^2 / G = 1.346594956664720E+21

DIM = E photon / µ = 1.346594956664720E+21

G = C^2 / DIM = 6.674280000000000E-11

G = µ / m = 6.6742800000000000000E-11

In another dimension

Assume a speed of light of 300000 km/s

The energy of the photon remains the same = 2.179865149607E-18 .

Hertz = E photon / h = 3.289831364700000E+14

λ (meter)= C (m/s) / Hz       =   9.11900844581E-07 meter

= 91.190084458130600 nm

m photon = E photon / C^2 = 2.422072388452250E-29

The ratio of dimensions and velocities ( time ) equal

299792.458 km/s / 300000 km/s = 0.999308193333 =

DIM = 1.347527184954780E+21

DIM = E photon / µ = 1.347527184954780E+21

µ = h * Hz / DIM = 1.617678050539790E-39

G = µ / m = 6.678900507



In the following example you can see that the Z value for the redshift can be calculated

by time difference in the two dimensions , by the value of the dimensions , by the wavelengths

and by the speed of light differences IN THE DIMENSIONS

A few more instructive examples.

A galaxy (DIM 2)

It can be said to be moving away from us at 299792.458 km/s because the speed of light in that system is

599584.916 km/s .

A system can move away from us at a speed of 299792.458 km/s .

The speed of light in our dimension.

Z = 1

If Z > 1 Then the speed at which a galaxy moves away from us ( DIM 1 ) is greater than

299792.458 km/s ( or is it because of the time difference ) which in our dimension ( DIM 1 ) is

is the highest possible speed.

In a dimension where the photon has a lower mass , the photon has a higher speed.

The Z is greater (redshift) , and this gives us no certainty about an out-of-dimension of the

universe , and may also be due to time differences.

hereafter dimensions at a slower speed of light

It is also clear here that matter decreases ( DIM 1 >>>> DIM 2 ) at higher speed of light

The ultimate case ( m = 0 ) is unattainable then there is no more universe ,

there is no more gravitation , then there is no more action of the light energy.

Time slows down the higher the speed of light .

If the speed of light is infinite , time will almost stand still .

At infinity there is no end , in the universe time will never stand still.

A photon keeps its energy.

h remains constant h = E photon / Hertz

The value of the dimension increases as the speed of light increases.

G is the reaction to the speed of light and increases with higher speed of light.

At light speed 0, G will also = 0

In a black hole the matter = infinite

light energy = almost 0

G = almost 0

The gravitational µ is , µ = m * G µ = matter infinite * G very small = infinite

There is still a little light energy here , there is still space.

So as long as one dwells in space the gravitation will increase as one goes

deeper into the black hole.

One can go on like this because infinity is never reached ( fortunately ) which is why I

claim that the universe is eternal.

If G = 0 the black hole will no longer exist. So no universe either.

There is no matter there since there is no light energy.

So there is no gravitation anymore µ = 0

Time does not exist here, then there would never have been a universe.

But it does exist and has always existed because G will never equal 0!

From the moment there is light energy , G cannot equal 0 .

Here again the proof that the universe consists of light .

Take away the light .... yes , THEN there really is no universe .

Also no black hole , also no dimensions , no time , no physical anything !!!

Only there are the immutable laws , which need no place ,

which experience no influence of time and exist eternally .

So everything will " be " according to the laws , eternal and immutable .


Note the m of one photon

If 1 sec elapses for us, then 2.7107E+14 sec have elapsed in DIM 2.

= 8,595,573.31 years