a logical reasoning

A reasoning without applying hocus pocus (in my opinion)


Then one cannot speak of a beginning or an end ,

the state that is there has always been and will always remain.

If there is no time , a state cannot change ,

for change several moments are needed,

and thus a passage of time is required.

There are two possibilities

1: If nothing exists , then there is an eternal nothing , without beginning or end.

     Nothing can suddenly come into being , because there is NOTHING !

     (From which something can come into being ) in order for something to come into being there is a time lapse required.

 2:If something exists , then it has always existed and will continue to exist forever

       continue to exist because there is no beginning and no end .

       In addition, the something will have no physical existence

       because space does not exist either , the something cannot occupy a place.

       The something simply exists under the form of a

       consciousness , law .

       A law by itself does not need a place , but it asserts itself in relation to other laws .

       A law is not just a formula , but has the power in certain circumstances to 

       behave according to a certain formula .

       Consciousness or law , exist in the timeless ,

       no beginning or end , no form , no place , are eternal .

       They are also not in a void , even that does not exist ,

       there are no distances there is no space .

       Because of this a law is immutable , but it will behave according to the circumstances .

       Against other laws a law has other patterns of behavior in it , but the law as a whole

       remains the same.

       But in the timeless a law cannot manifest itself physically ,

       it contains only logical wisdoms .

       What I want to say with a simple example ;

                                 a + b + c = d

                                 a + b = d'

                 from this d - d' = c

       (In reality laws are much more comprehensive and complicated).




 Then laws can manifest themselves , but this is also eternal ,

 since these laws have no beginning or end, they have always existed

 and will continue to exist forever .

 The laws that affect each other have always done so and will continue to do so eternally.


 The laws that are necessary for the existence of the universe

 are eternal so the universe is eternal too .

The law of the speed of light and of the gravitational constant

have a perpetual effect on each other.

Time exists eternally , has always existed , because time is there 

precisely because of the action of the two eternal laws, light and gravitation.

The existence of the physical universe is due to the laws of light energy and gravitational energy.

These are each other's opposites , and can truncate each other's forces. they are therefore in a limited state.

Because of this there is space 

Since both laws exist in timelessness they act on each other without beginning and without end.

So the universe has no beginning and no end.

       About speed

       The more one approaches the speed of light the slower time goes.

       Our clock is running slower.

       One can slow down the clock speed ( time speed ) by half ,

       divide by 2 .

                  Simple example; 10 / 2 = 5

                                                                  5 / 2 = 2.5


one can go on like this infinitely , there is no end .

 At the speed of light our clock is stopped , but we can never get there since there is no time flow anymore .

 since there is no longer a time-span then.

 There is only the law which in pure consciousness is not affected by gravitation

 is affected. 

 But light is eternally affected by gravitation so this 

 pure state cannot occur.


       About gravitation

        The more we move toward a black hole, the faster time goes

        and the faster our clock goes .

        If time goes infinitely fast one will measure for the speed

        of light infinitesimally small measure .

        Again we can go on infinitely , one will never be able to reach the ends

        never reach the ends.

        So there are no limits , the universe has no limits .

        One cannot determine "where" in the universe one is.

        One can only determine where one is in relation to something else .

        However! we do have a standard by which we can know our place

        in the universe.

        Namely the speed we measure for light,

                                                         C = 299792.458 km/s.

        The gravitational constant G = 6.6726E-11

Together they determine our clock rate and our place in the universe.

        The universe is the only thing that physically exists ,

        it is not floating in a space because outside the universe there is 

        no existence , not even space .

        In addition , the universe has no boundaries ,

        from which it also follows that "outside the universe" 

        does not exist .                   

The contents of the universe consist of matter ,

which is subject to change.

        Matter is formed by the energy created

       by the action of the two laws G and C.

        For G >> µ ; for C >> E   

         Laws are not simply formulas but they impose their will ,

         which can be formulated by mathematical formulas.

         It is up to us to find them.

         (we do not make the laws).

         The implementers here are µ and E



      Compare : E = M * C^2

                                µ = M * G


                               M = E / C^2                     

                               M = µ / G   


                                                                 E / µ = C^2 / G

                                               E and µ relate like C^2 and G