Like many of us, I have been searching for an intelligible explanation of the existence of the universe since I was young.

At the moment I am sticking to an explanation that gives me the most satisfaction , and which I will try to explain.

I do not believe that my way of thinking changes anything in the current laws of nature, except, as the title suggests, the big bang theory, which raises as many questions for me as it solves.


At the first proposition already (out of nothing something came into being) the reasoning comes to me immediately , that there was time before the big bang , otherwise that first situation should exist forever ( how small that time span may be ).

According to me nothingness knows no space either , there is no matter (mass) and for an explosion a mass is needed, isn't it?

This mass can only exist if there is space and time , I can't get out of this circle.


So I pretend to know , and can't resist explaining my theory.

Maybe my understanding is not so bad after all to make it understandable to us (in my opinion).

Maybe my theory contains truths after all.

My outcome is that the universe is infinite, and eternal, has no boundaries and that "outside the universe" does not exist.

I also bring in figures with which I try to reinforce my assertions.

I arrive at the result that time and space are there through the action of two infinities , the gravitational force (G)

and light (C^2).

They can occur in infinite proportions C^2 / G .

The speed at which time passes depends on this ratio.

The larger the ratio is the larger C^2 must be relative to G and the slower our clock runs.

The smaller the ratio is the larger that G must be relative to C^2 and the faster our clock r



Feel free to let us know your vision, positive or negative, together we are stronger to bring some clarity in

this important subject, I will certainly try to take into account and if possible to include

in the site.





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