C 299792,458
C^2 8.98755178736818E+10
G 6.67428E-11
G is the will to have no space, reduce space                     C^2 is the will to form space, increase space
C^2 and G form the dimension      (DIM)  =   ( space ; in which the E (light energy) forms the m (matter))
the urge in the dimension (DIM) = C^2 / G , is the will of the DIM to form space

C^2   and    G     are laws.
If an amount of E enters this space then an amount of matter (m) is formed equal to E / C^2 . (see below)
In the same dimension C^2 remains constant , The more E the greater the amount of matter.
So the matter is formed by the E (light energy) , if there is no light energy E present in the DIM then matter m = 0 !!! (see below)
The DIM remains the same , the urge to form space ,
E earth                                 5.36753344639404E+35
E earth = m * C^2           5.36753344639404E+35
Earth's matter m            5.97218639E+24
m = E / C^2                        5.97218639E+24
The amount of matter depends on the amount of E ( " IN " the matter )
If the amount of E ( in the matter ) increases, then the amount of matter also increases.
Matter is thus formed by the E (light energy) , if there is no light energy E then matter m = 0
There is then also no gravitation , no attraction , it is thus the matter the responsible for the gravitation.

So it is the light energy E that is responsible for gravitation !!!
No E (light energy) = no m (matter) = no µ (gravitation)
µ earth = m * G = 3.98600441790492E+14
µ earth = matter * urge to shrink space
DIM = (C^2 / G ) is the general state of the will to form space        1.34659495666472E+21
the general state of matter E / µ must obey the imposed law          1.34659495666472E+21
µ earth = E / DIM = E / will to form space            3.98600441790492E+14
The greater E the greater µ                      E is responsible for gravitation µ !!!!
E = DIM * µ                       5.36753344639404E+35
matter is immutable, since the will to form space (DIM) remains the same
one can only add E in the form of velocity " v " outside the matter

The matter m is immutable (has the same ratio as the dimension)


The ratio of dimension = C^2 / G = 1.3465949E+21 C^2 and G are laws

A law imposes its will.

The ratio of matter = E / µ = 1.3465949E+21                     E and µ are forces ,

the instruments by which laws carry out their will.

So in the same dimension (DIM) the composition of matter cannot change.

Adding energy can only externally , via motion , push , velocity v .

The m matter and motion together are the M Mass .

For calculations , see formulas below




Mass earth = (E earth + Ev) / C^2                                          5.97218644980458E+24

Matter earth                                                                                    5.97218639E+24

m earth = µ * G                                                                               5.97218639E+24

µ = m earth / G                                                                                3.98600441790492E+14

M - m                                                                                                  5.98045816971592E+16

Mv mass representing Ev                                                           5.98045816971592E+16

v^2 = Ev / m earth                                                                                                                        900

root(v^2) =speed v                                                                        30 km/sec (approximately orbital velocity earth)

root(Ev / m earth) = v                                                                   30 km/sec

Ev = m earth * v^2                                                                         5.374967751E+27

Total E = E earth + Ev (Ev = energy of motion)
Mass earth = 5.97218644980458E+24

Mv = (Mass - matter) Mv mass corresponding to velocity v          5.98045816971592E+16

Ev = (Mass - matter) * C^2                                                                            5.37496775125109E+27

v^2 = ((M - m ) * C^2)/m                                                                                                     900.0

Track speed v = root(((M - m )*C^2)/m)                                                                         30.0 km/sec

m = M - (Ev / C^2 ) 5.97218639E+24

G = 6.67428E-11

M = ((orbital velocity  v^2 * m) / C^2)+m                                   5.97218644980458E+24

M = Mass

m = matter

v^2 = motion , orbital velocity